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Lighting for the Green Revolution

EnGen Technologies, LLC is helping lead the “Green Revolution” in adopting LED lighting fixtures for public, commercial, and residential sites. LED based lighting systems are a highly efficient and long-lived alternative to traditional light sources. EnGen offers a wide selection of LED lighting from leading manufacturers, including Acuity, Cree, GE, Philips, and Dialight. The EnGen site makes it easy to browse among them and obtain additional information directly from the manufacturer’s site.

Self-Illuminated & Solar Solutions

EnGen offers its own innovative method of powering LED lights using only the natural flux generated by a live power line. These “self-illuminating” lights utilize our patent pending “Flux Capacitor” to reduce energy costs to nearly zero and are installed simply by clamping the fixture to the line. (The same technology can also be used to provide 12 volt DC to cameras, sensors, and other types of products in custom applications.)

EnGen also offers solar powered LED lighting fixtures for locations away from the electrical grid or anywhere that solar energy proves more practical. Look to us for help sizing the solar array for your particular location and lighting requirements.

Your "1-Stop" LED Lighting Source

Engineers and buyers for utilities, municipalities, architectural firms, and other businesses can turn to EnGen for all of their LED lighting needs. In addition to the selected models listed in the EnGen site for various kinds of applications–from outdoor street lights to indoor office lights–we can provide a competitive quote for virtually any lighting product offered by the manufacturers we represent. We encourage you to discuss your lighting needs with us. We can help determine the best LED lighting solution for your particular application.

Our Heritage: Over 50 Years Serving Power Utilities

EnGen Technologies is an affiliate of P&R Technologies, Inc., the world’s leading supplier of energy efficient marking and lighting products for power utilities. P&R Tech introduced the SpanGuard™ power line markers in 1960, and now counts over 4,500 utilities as customers worldwide. EnGen’s self-illuminating LED lights are based on similar “flux capacitor” technology used in P&R Tech’s SpanLite™ markers, which double as FAA obstruction lights with dramatically lower operating and maintenance costs. EnGen is located in the same office complex as P&R Tech and P&R Infrared, another operating division that markets thermal imaging cameras to law enforcement and other public agencies.