EnGen 2 Self-Illuminated LED Street Light

EnGen SPSL remains off in daylight

EnGen 2 Street Light remains off in daylight
Alternate (parallel) orientation shown

EnGen SPSL can be positioned where needed

EnGen 2 can be positioned where needed

EnGen SPSL fully illuminates at night

EnGen 2 fully illuminates at night

Illuminates previously unlighted areas

EnGen 2 illuminates previously unlighted areas

EnGen SPSL alternative orientation

EnGen 2 alternative orientation

EnGen Self-Illuminated LED Lights

EnGen 2 Self-Illuminated LED Street Light

SPSL STR-SP-SM—LED Area Luminaire—Type III Medium

  • Brighter and longer lasting LED technology
  • Superior to high pressure sodium and metal halide
  • Picks up flux from power line to self-illuminate
  • Cuts energy costs to nearly zero
  • Quickly installs with hot stick
  • Standard (perpendicular) or alternate (parellel) orientation
  • Easily relocated on any distribution line
  • Greatly reduces installation labor and equipment costs

The EnGen 2 Self-Illuminated LED Street Light attaches directly to a utiltity line and draws power from the electrical field that surrounds the energized line. This allows lights to be placed where they are needed, not just where the poles are.

EnGen 2 Overview Video

EnGen 2 Installation Video

EnGen 2 SPSL Street Light Specifications
CRI: Minimum 70 CRI
CCT: Standard, 4000K (+/- 300K)
LED Count / Optic Type: 30 / Type 3
Est. Initial Delivered Lumens: 4,806 (standard orientation)
BUG Ratings (per TM-15-11): B2 U0 G2
System Watts: 55
Power Factor: .003 500mA @ 25°C
50K Hours Projected Lumen Maintenance Factor: 93% @ 15°C
Construction: All stainless steel luminaire housing
Electrical System: Patented Flux Capacitor / DC
Drive current: Fixed at 500mA
Weight: 16.75 lbs.
Dimensions: L 17” x W 14” x H 12”
Warranty: 1 year on luminaire
Made in U.S.A of U.S. and imported parts

Estimated Photometry in Standard Orientation:

SPSL Photometry Get Quote Data Sheet (PDF)