P&R Tech LED Obstruction Lights/Marker

SpanLite Power Line Marker/Light

Installs directly on power line, uses line flux to self-illuminate

SpanLite Power Line Marker/Light

Pilots of low flying aircraft are alerted to power lines in their path

SpanLite Power Line Marker/Light

SpanLite™ Power Line Marker/Light

The patent pending SpanLite is a combination power line marker and obstruction light. Made of aluminum, Spanlite can be installed on powered ACSS lines rated up to 250° C (482° F), where plastic or fiberglass markers can melt or burn.

The two sealed, steady LED obstruction lights meet FAA & ICAO standards, using EnGen’s Flux Capacitor technology to draw 50 Amps from the flux surrounding the live line to continuously produce 32.5 candela for each light.

No separate power source is needed, making SpanLite well suited to remote locations where costly and less reliable solar towers might otherwise be needed. It is ideally suited to river or canyon crossings.

The LED technology ensures a long operating life of many years with little or no maintenance. Flashing LED lights and other colors are available. SpanLite markers are also lightweight. The 12” SpanLite weighs just 17 pounds.

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